Tuesday, April 10, 2007

He started with Vincents, then worked his way down
Let's put it in a realistic light -- you don't come to Solvang for the motorcycles. You come to this Central Coast tourist town for the faux Scandinavian ambience, the pleasant streets with Olde-looking storefronts, the restaurants and the surrounding scenic hills.
Well, actually, you do come to Solvang for the bikes, especially if you have just a tiny part of you that is interested in seeing some of the rarer racing bikes on the planet.
Consider: Over here, on the maple floor of the Solvang Motorcycle Museum, is Mike Hailwood's Honda four-cylinder race bike from the 1960s. There are three in the world. Two are owned by Honda. The third is here.
Over there is a 1930s BMW R12, replete with its shift stalk sprouting from the right side of the bilateral power train.

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