Monday, May 21, 2007

Yongsan Colonel's Harley is rare, so he's an uneasy rider
Olive-drab, rustproof and capable of holstering an M-4 carbine, Col. Clayton Cobbs Harley-Davidson MT-500 definitely looks like something that might come packaged with an action figure, though its history is a bit more full-sized.
According to Cobb, his motorcycle was one of only 500 made by Harley-Davidson in 1999 and 2000, when the company bought the rights to build the bikes engine from a British manufacturer in a bid to re-enter the business of selling motorcycles to the U.S. military.
After the U.S. Army decided not to buy the bike, which was designed for scout and courier duties, Harley-Davidson ceased production and sent the motorcycles it had made to museums, dealers and private collectors.
Cobbs bike, No. 15 of the 500 made, wound up with a New Orleans Harley-Davidson dealer, then with a private collector in Michigan.

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